Life-size Harry Potter statue - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Life-size Harry Potter statue

I saw this online and thought it's impressive enough to share. A life-size statue of Daniel as Harry Potter with silicone head (1.68cm and 1.87cm with base). It's an official licensed Warner Bros. Wizarding World product and is sold for € 2.844,10. Well that is where I found it which is at Muckle Mannequins' website.

The head is a limited edition option and is different than the head on their original figure. Also available are Voldemort and Dobby the house elf.


With the Harry Potter silicone head. High-end, made of high-quality silicone - amazingly real and unique in the world. With individually hand-inserted whiskers, eyebrows and scalp hair as well as expressive acrylic eyes that give the face a perfect expression. The lifelike high-end head in limited edition is the highlight of your Muckle Mannequins Harry Potter figure. Daniel Radcliffe, as a 1: 1 model, in his final role in the last part of the Harry Potter saga. The hair, disheveled from the battle, and the specially tuned makeup of the head undoubtedly show the exertions before Harry's great triumph.

Photo: Warner Bros.

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