Updated(2): Sharp magazine - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated(2): Sharp magazine

Daniel is on the cover of the new Sharp magazine, out in newsstands tomorrow.

A behind the scenes video from the photoshoot has been released, watch it below.

Update: 25th May 2020. Four outtakes via Instagram.
Update: 30th May 2020. Another outtake.

Tips for coronavirus isolation with Daniel Radcliffe.

A part of the interview, read it all here.

About not using social media:

“I honestly don’t think I have the mental fortitude to be on Twitter. Besides, I’ve been shoved down people’s throats since I was 10 years old. If I were on Twitter, tweeting every day, I feel like people would get sick of me. I’d get sick of me. Ugh.” Other actors, he’s quick to point out, are “fucking amazing” on social media. “And good luck to them. But I’d get bored of myself. God knows how the rest of the world would cope.”

About getting famous after Harry Potter:

“I’m lucky,” he says. “Most actors live with this thing where the next thing they do could be the biggest thing they ever do. Whereas I’m like, no, I’ve done the biggest thing I’ll ever do,” he says. “I will never be in anything as massive as Harry Potter again. At a certain point, that becomes a hugely liberating realization: I’ve been freed from that definition of success.”

source: sharpmagazine.com
Photo: YouTube/sharpmagazine

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