Total Film magazine interview (UK) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Total Film magazine interview (UK)

Total Film magazine interview.

What are you afraid of
Lots of things. But the biggest fear for me other than, obviously, something dreadful happening to my loved ones, or to my physical health, steps from a fear of: '"What if I don't get to be on film sets in some capacity for the rest of my life?" If something were to happen that took that away from me, that would be the worst.

Whats your favourite scary movie
I'm a real wimp. The Shining scared the s**t out of me. What was I when I watched that? 14? I remember all these other kids in my class were like, "Watch 'The Exorcist'. It's really funny now, it's not scary at all." And I watched it and was like, "I am permanently scarred by this."

Do you feel lucky?
I feel incredibly lucky. It is a cliché to say that acting is an amazing job but to have a career where you have some say over what you want to do, it puts you in a very small percentage within the acting world. So I am ridiculously lucky and try not to forget this."

The full interview is featured in the new issue.

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