Radio Times interview (UK) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Radio Times interview (UK)

In a new interview with magazine Radio Times Daniel talks about getting bored easily, that he prefers to watch documentaries, cartoons and cooking programmes such as US show Top Chef and more.

Do you watch many dramas?

I’m really bad about watching drama or anything worthy. There have been loads of amazing series that I haven’t seen yet, including Breaking Bad. I haven’t seen Mad Men all the way through. When it comes to drama, I get bored easily and I don’t like to commit myself to a show I’m not enjoying. And when I do enjoy a drama, I usually sit there feeling jealous and wishing I was in it. That’s why I stick to documentaries, cartoons and cooking shows.

What's your guilty TV pleasure?
I’m obsessed with Top Chef in the States. The other week, we watched six episodes in a day.

Are you a super nerd?

I grew up doing lots of things where I thought, 'This is super nerdy. I'll never be able to do this around a girl.' But that's the wonderful thing about the moment you find the relationship you're meant to be in. It's like, 'Oh, I can do all of that stuff and you don't mind. And you actually think it's fun, too. This is fantastic!

Favorite thing to do after turning off the TV
She comes from a big family of card players, so she’s introduced me to a lot of card games. We play a lot of board games, too. I feel lucky I’ve found somebody I can turn to and say, “Do you want to play Scrabble?” And for her to say, “Sure”. It’s super nerdy.

Who wins at Scrabble
Erin wins — I haven’t won a game in weeks. She plays [the app] Words With Friends all the time, so I feel like she’s getting practice all day long and I’m way behind. We watch a lot of TV. We go and see movies. We hang out and eat. We read. And in my spare time, I generally go to the gym, which is a boring answer, but I go to the gym a lot.

What's the view from your sofa?

We don’t have a huge TV. It’s not tiny but I go to friends’ houses and think, “Whoa, the TV is like a cinema screen”. That’s crazy to me. People come to my house and say, “Wait, really? This is your TV? This is it?.

The full interview is featured in the new issue.

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