Guns Akimbo photo - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Guns Akimbo photo

Guns Akimbo producer Tom Hern shared the following photo on Instagram.

I'm back from the #gunsakimbo premiere in Toronto . Shout outs to all you fantastic punks from our cast and crew who helped make this film and/or starred in it. Tu meke. 🎥
Two mean peeps in this 📸 The very talented, and equally kind, Dan Radcliffe. I loved working with him. A class act!!
And, my homie @puffybee aka Hopetown aka Hopey aka Thuglife. You're a good one homes...a force to be reckoned with and a buddy up for a laugh through thick and thin, rain, shine and the rest. ✊🏼
Films continue to be an awesome framework for all sorts of learning for me.
Each one is kind of like a giant trellis that my knotted and gnarly ole tree weaves in and around for a couple of years (or a few, depending), as it grows up, reaching towards the sun... An opportunity to learn more about my work and craft, always.. . But also an opportumity to learn all sorts of life/human stuff along the way.... about people and about me. On the mountaintops and in the valleys.

I'm grateful for every film I get to be involved in, for the people I meet, and for what they each teach me and this one is no different.
The bombastic, fantastic, batshit crazy ride that is GUNS AKIMBO will hit screens around the world in the coming months...
And when it does... you better strap in real good for the ride! 🔫 🔫 🔫
Photo: Instagram/Tom Hern

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