TIFF 2019: Day 2, Vuuzle TV interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


TIFF 2019: Day 2, Vuuzle TV interview

Exclusive Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) interview with Daniel and Samara Weaving in promotion of Guns Akimbo, recorded on Tuesday 10th September. Vuuzle TV shared a clip in which they talk about social media.

Watch below (Spanish version of the Scoop Network video) or at vuuzletv.com

Social media wasn’t a thing until after I finished high school, so I don’t think it was necessarily a really big part of my life growing up, had to play outside and read books, haha… …But yeah, I strangely am not addicted to it when I’m fortunate enough to do that. I don’t know why.
Yeah, I feel the same. I feel like I just missed it for whatever reason. I mean, it existed and people were on it, but I feel lucky to have not got hooked on it when I was a teenager, because I have quite an addictive personality, and I haven’t become addicted to phones, but I definitely had to stop playing video games for awhile, because I was just not doing anything else, and so I can relate to getting into a cycle of behaviour with something, but yeah, not so much with my phone, thankfully.
Photo: Dailymotion

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