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Playmobil: The Movie: Daniel Radcliffe as Rex Dasher

Below you find some press quotes released by StudioCanal, the UK distributor of Playmobil: The Movie.

Daniel Radcliffe about Rex Dasher:
 “I am not a person who thinks of myself as much as Rex Dasher clearly does, so it was just quite fun to inhabit the mind of a person with way too much confidence, far more than is actually earned,” says Radcliffe. “He is sort of Playmobil world’s version of James Bond. He exists to be a toy parody of James Bond, but it’s all sorts of the silliest bits of Bond—more of the Roger Moore-era Bond than the Daniel Craig persona,”
On the world of animation:
 “Frankly, I am much more likely to spend my time watching an animated film or TV show than I am to be watching live-action actors,” he admits. “When I spoke to our director Lino and he pitched me his entire vision for the film, his enthusiasm and joy were infectious. There was something about playing Playmobil James Bond and I found the script to be really funny and sweet. It’s nice to be involved in something that my godchildren can watch now.”
Playing with Playmobil as a kid:
 “I had a Playmobil island with a palm tree on it as well as a Playmobil pirate ship,” he recalls. “I think it's a strange, cool thing to suddenly be part of a Playmobil movie. There is some part of you—the seven-, eightyear-old child still residing inside of you just goes, ‘Yeah, that's the coolest thing in the world, do that right now!’ So, I am so grateful for Playmobil for all those happy hours of my childhood, and thank you also from my parents because the toys took me off their hands for a few hours!”
 Lino DiSalvo:
“It’s a very ambitious movie, because it’s part live-action and part animated, and it’s a musical, comedy and adventure,” he adds. “Lino is putting a huge amount of care and attention into it and coming up with something that pays a lovely homage to the world of imagination and how toys fire up the imagination and make you connect with others. So hopefully the film as a whole will be imbued with that same kind of joy of discovery and the sort of family relationship between Marla and her brother is very sweet, and I know it's a film like all good kid’s films, it's funny and it's silly and it's entertaining, but it's ultimately got a really lovely message and hopefully one that kids will enjoy and take something from.”

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