Australian Red Cross raffle - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Australian Red Cross raffle

The Australian Red Cross is raffling off a signed LEGO set. It was signed by Daniel while he was in Australia filming Escape from Pretoria earlier this year.

The raffle is set up to raise money for their staff and volunteers. Tickets are $5 each and can be paid for in their offices. The raffle will be drawn on Friday 28th June by an online name-picking generator and ticket sale closes on Thursday, 1 PM.

The signed Aragog's Lair set:

Recently Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame was filming a new thriller where he plays a white anti-apartheid activist who escaped from one of South Africa's toughest jails. Much of the filming occurred in the same street where our Adelaide office is situated. Quick thinking by our Red Cross staff in SA resulted in Daniel signing a Harry Potter LEGO set and as part of SA’s tax campaign, they will raffle this off.

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