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The New Yorker - Boy Poet

To celebrate what would be Allen Ginsberg's 92nd birthday today The New Yorker published an article with several links to read more on how the Beat Generation changed American culture. One of the articles is called Boy Poet, written by their contributor Adam Green. He browses the Strand bookstore with Daniel. A small edit: The article is also shared on Daniel's official Google+ page: "We hope these pieces energize your reading list"

“Boy Poet”
“In the movie ‘Kill Your Darlings,’ Daniel Radcliffe plays Allen Ginsberg as a clean-shaven Columbia student who rebels against literary and cultural traditions, among them such poetic niceties as rhyme and metre.” Read more.

It features an illustration by Tom Bachtell and also a mention to the poems Daniel wrote under the pen name Jacob Gershon.
As he passed the cash registers, Radcliffe spotted a copy of Ginsberg’s “Howl and Other Poems” next to a copy of “Naked Lunch,” whose author, William Burroughs, also appears as a character in “Kill Your Darlings.” Radcliffe recalled reading “Naked Lunch” when he was fourteen, and having a visceral reaction to it. “I felt somewhat physically ill—which I imagine is not far from what Burroughs wanted,” he said. He didn’t get around to “Howl” until he was sixteen. “As soon as I got beyond three pages, I found myself in ‘What the fuck?’ territory.”
(The article was already published back in 2013, but I don't remember I have read it before)

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