Cinema Today interview (Japan) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Cinema Today interview (Japan)

A new interview appeared online: Japanese website Cinema Today released their exclusive interview with Daniel in promotion of Swiss Army Man (スイス・アーミー・マン) .

Photo via Yahoo! Japan

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Q: It was a surprisingly beautiful and deep movie. After seeing the movie, I am convinced why you wanted to do this work, but it is still a corpse. Did you not hesitate at all?
I really did not hesitate. I read the script and it is very strange but wonderful, I thought it was very beautiful like you said. So, "Oh, if I play the corpse, what do you guys think?" I never thought that, I just thought "I must be part of this movie". And they (The Daniels) made a really beautiful movie. I knew that there was that potential, but when I saw the film when it was actually completed, they felt that they had used the body's joke and very beautiful and deepest stories.

Q: How did you create the role? Since it is a corpse, you should not blink, you can not stand up on your own, and you can not use facial muscles when you are speaking.
For most of the role I was thinking, what would it be like if this happened in real life? And to use the imagination. Also I sent a lot of videos to the Daniels in which I had a strange face and a strange voice. And when I went to the set and saw the dummy being made (to use as corpses), I felt "I already know what to do". Because I was not able to prepare and research much, I just switched off my power and trusted myself to the movie world.

Q: Since the camera can not move when the camera begins to rotate, did you have to think about the orientation and position of your body as well?
is that so. I tried to take a posture that is as uncomfortable as possible. It seems strange that it is such a posture. If a member of the crew came here and said "Are you OK?" I feel like I'm doing a good job. Also, the place to rely on Paul Dano (Hank) was great. He had to learn not only his own lines, but also where I would move my body and head. It was one of the fun challenges in this movie and we worked together in a very special way that we never did with other actors.

Functions of Manny who were actually played by Daniel

Q: What percentage is it really you amongst the many 'Manny's' on screen?
At least 80% is me. One scene in which Manny falls down a hill is a stuntman, but there are not many of those scenes, so 80% is probably me. The remaining
20% is the man sitting behind you (laughs).

Q: Hey! (Looks back, the Manny dol is sitting there)

 Q: Did you actually play the scene in which Manny is a jet ski?
Everyone will think that I am actually not playing that, but I am. I am very proud. It was one of the most exciting scenes I've done. Because in this project we made the movie music first, which is not ordinary, so when we took that scene, we could actually play the music with a huge speaker. So  the audience sees
the exact same thing in the movie. It really happened that day on set. I went in the raft, grabbed the end with my hands, I think Paul was sitting on my back and singing, shouting, pushing up the fist. Manny was very happy at that time, by serving him and letting him escape from the island. It was hard to keep smiling and not to blink.

Q: What kind of thoughts did you came across while shooting that scene?
I do not know ... I heard that (lol).
It was a really wonderful day. Water was a bit cold but exciting. Well, I guess I thought that I was happy because I could do this now.

Q: Did you give a lot of water out of your mouth?

Yeah, I also did it myself.
It's one of my favorites. It's handmade. I took the water to my the mouth through a tube under the jacket. So, I was able to spit out water tremendously. It was a moment when I thought that someone would not be able to believe that it would work out in this way (laughs).

Q: You were dragged around in the forest too.
Paul put me on a blanket and dragged me. At first I was dragging myself only, but knowing that it is very hard to do that. Also, Paul is carrying me most of the time, and not a dummy. He really did it because it is a good thing to feel the actual weight. Paul said that as he finished shooting he had become stronger than before. Everyday he was carrying 125 pounds (about 57 kilograms) of me.

Q: That was a physical challenge for each other.

But if you do more challenging things, you will get more fun. I enjoyed acting with my body. I grew up while doing lots of stunts with the Harry Potter movies, but I was not doing much in the movies back then. That's why I had fun.

The rest of the interview

Q: Was it a new challenge in terms of expressing emotions in a way that movement was quite restricted?

First of all, I was worried about how to show emotional stories without moving my face, eyes and mouth.
However, it may be better to say that it was the job of directors. We trust them, we just do it. I knew that when an emotional moment should come and not when I should not visit, I was just a man. They will come and tell you if you overdo it with an emotional scene. Then you need to keep your expression down. It was a very interesting process.

Q: The scene with the bus was really wonderful. How did you create that scene? 

That is one of the things we filmed at the beginning, I think that was the scene that decided the tone of this movie. If you could pick up one scene from this movie and show it, I will choose the bus scene. Because that scene is funny and strange, from a little vulgar place to a place that is beautifully romantic and strikes you in the chest. Even though the location does not change in about 6 minutes. Screenplay, directing, lighting and production design are also wonderful. That did not bring what I made to a studio in Los Angeles to the forest. As far as I know, while we are rehearsing, the crew found trees and branches in the woods. And I shot it in one and a half hour. It is my favorite scene.

Q: Paul was very beautiful in that scene.
Really so! he looked like a very beautiful woman. We weren't very surprised at that. I think Paul himself even wasn't surprised (laughs).

Swiss Army Man will be released nationwide in TOHO Cinemas on 22nd September 2017.

picture source: Yukitaka Amemiya

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