Horror2 interview (Japan) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Horror2 interview (Japan)

Another Japanese interview appeared online today in promotion of Swiss Army Man (スイス・アーミー・マン). It is the fourth interview regading the Skype session and again it features a new photo by Yukitaka Amemiya.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

- What kind of movie did you think this was when this role offer came?
Radcliffe: I first thought about setting this role, "I want to do it" I thought. I thought that it would be a very unique buddy movie like Samuel Beckett wrote. At first it was such an image, but it was magnificent that I was surprised to see the completed movie. Indeed it is a unique story with a strange story, but I did not imagine it would be a scaled work.

- The first impression that you heard the synopsis and the impression that you saw the main story are greatly changing works. What did you hear about it in your surroundings?
Radcliffe: Some people say "I love you", others say "What's this!"? But as a reaction I think both are good. The most interesting story I've ever heard is that in a male toilet that was quite crowded after the screening of the Sundance Film Festival 'Swiss Army Man', the man in the private room had farted It seems that there were people there and a big burst of laughter happened. It is the best reaction! I am glad when I hear such a reaction in Japan (laughs).

- Manny of this versatile body is an unprecedented role, isn't it? It's the opposite of zombies where there is no heart, but the body moves, the body does not move but there is a heart. Was not it difficult to make this unknown character?
Radcliffe: That was the very first wall to hit. I was worried about how I should play it. But my friend told me "I can not make a mistake as it is a role I have never had before." "If it is consistent and has entertainment that everyone wants to see, it will be established." The process of making roles with the directors also proceeded with thinking about such things. Although it is a corpse but still alive, it isn't a zombie. There is a soul and there is human nature. It was Manny that I could go a long way to see what it is like.

- In a series of harsh survival scenes, didn't you shake your body considerably?

Radcliffe: Since the actor always thinks that he should be able to use his body freely for his role, conditions were always in place. Is it the water scene that was the hardest in shooting? Even if seawater enters the eyes, a corpse doesn't blink. But honestly I was in trouble I think I was more pale than me! After all I had to act with me.

- What is the charm of Hank and Manny's characters?
Radcliffe: Manny is cute. It is feeling that I am so excited after Manny realizes that "I am alive (* is a corpse)". And always as positive as people looking witty. Such a place is an interesting place, is not it? Hank is a troubled man who has experienced various things in his life. However, I met Manny, it was not only good for me but for Manny I like to think about showing the beauty of the world as much as possible. Although it is a strange story, Hank has a real human feeling in particular, I think that it can be a sympathetic character.

- Although there are many scenes of laughter which become vulgar when making a mistake a step, it is said that it does not become a bad taste. Manny is always charming.
Radcliffe: It is already thanks to the coaches. Directors first said, "The audience wants me to laugh in the first half but I want you to cry in the second half." It's a pretty crazy attempt, but let's do it together anyway! I thought. The man named Hank is a bit weak conscious of his body or human body. I feel like I'm not comfortable with my body. The other party he / she does not want to be with is such a corpse which keeps farting! Although I draw it as a laugh at the beginning, in the end, the physiological phenomena of everyone who is possessed by everyone as represented by a fart is drawn in a symbolic form, "everyone is brilliant to connect with the message that "You ought to be comfortable."

- From the perspective of Radcliffe, what do you think the relationship between Hank and Menny was?
Radcliffe: I think that what is between them is a form of pure love. There is a romantic side but not a sexual thing. I think so because, in whatever form, I want each other to be happy. I think that is pure love.

source: horror2.jp
picture source: Yukitaka Amemiya

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