Cinemas by shochiku interview (Japan) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Cinemas by shochiku interview (Japan)

The third Japanese interview in promotion of Swiss Army Man (スイス・アーミー・マン) in Japan and also with another photo by Yukitaka Amemiya. This is the interview from the website called 'Cinemas by Shochiku" and I assume this is also from the "Skype press day".

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

I was surprised by the unexpected development and screenplay I haven't seen before. Where were you attracted to it? Please tell me the point where my heart was caught.

Daniel Radcliffe (Daniel): Of course I thought that the unique place is interesting. However, there are many strange things in the screenplay that was sent to me. However, there are few things that are strange but can become masterpieces. This work is not intended to be promoted as "strange" because I want to be "strange". I was attracted to it and wanted to do it instantly.

When you became a corpse, what was the reaction of the people around you?
Daniel: People around me are not surprised at all. My agent understands that my taste has changed, too (laugh). I am recognized for the fact that I like unusual scripts, and it is very pleasing to receive a strange script . As for the role of the corpse, I felt it was a chance because I thought that there never would be an offer to serve as a corpse in my future career. The corpse of this work is not just a corpse but also bright and charming, and it's not a zombie, it's the reason why I thought that I wanted to do it.

Even if you are a corpse, you can do something for someone. I felt that it was the first message of this work. What do you think?
Daniel: You can make a lot of interpretations, no matter how wonderful works of art. I am pleased that this work is received in various forms as well. The message that I feel is is how we can accept that we are changing and if we can accept the changes of others, the world will be more happy.

Only scenes that are absolutely corpses and dead bodies are foreshadowed ahead of us, but it expresses the uncomfortable part that I feel in my body. It is a universal part that everyone feels, such as dislikes of themselves, places they do not like. How you feel that it is embarrassing how you are keeping love away, if you can unleash your feelings of being embarrassed, you should make it closer to love. I think that this is the message of this work.

How was the role of the corpse made? 
Daniel: It was a role in which I had to use a lot of imagination. Speaking of role creating so far, I will do my research and then I will create the role, but I wasn't able to do research this time, because there is no example. Actually I was a bit worried, but my friend told me that "There is no correct answer for the corpse and that I can't make a mistake," so it got relaxed. From then on, I decided to play while thinking what kind of sound it would make when the corpse came back to life.

 Everything appearing after Harry Potter is eccentric, but how do you think about your future career?
Daniel: After the Harry Potter series, I wasn't planning to make it a career like the present. However, I realized that I was in a position to choose the work that I really wanted to do. From that point I just chose to be led by my taste. The most important is originality, I would like to appear in something if there are fresh voices of screenwriters and directors when I read the script.

Although the protagonists are lacking in living, I think that there are not many people who suffer similarly in reality as well as movies. May I have a message for those people?
Daniel: Because everyone can not live alone, I think you can depend on someone other than yourself. As human beings are social living creatures, I believe that interaction with people and finding friendship will lead to the meaning of life. Because of that, sometimes you have to expose your fragile parts, some people might find it scary, but it should develop into friendship and open relationship.

picture source: Yukitaka Amemiya

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