Google+: Behind the scenes of Swiss Army Man - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Google+: Behind the scenes of Swiss Army Man

A new video has been uploaded today on Daniel's official Google+ page: A look behind the scenes of Swiss Army Man.

I was so close to the waves here on a pretty blustery day that the usual method we employed of Daniel Scheinert blowing raspberries off camera while I tried to synchronize my spasming to the sounds he would make proved ineffective. This video (which is very poor quality, sorry about that!) shows the solution we arrived at: Daniel Scheinert - Fart Conductor. I could just see his arms out of the corner of my eye and I did my best to match him. I particularly enjoy his flourish at the end when he cuts the take. -Dan #SwissArmyMan #DanielScheinert  
The Google+ link at this page is Dan's post shared via this site's Google+ page.

Photo: Google+/Daniel Radcliffe

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