Updated(5): Angeleno magazine photoshoot (US) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated(5): Angeleno magazine photoshoot (US)

You could already view a behind the scenes photo on Facebook from the photoshoot for Angeleno magazine in promotion of Now You See Me 2. Their June issue featuring this photoshoot plus interview in which Daniel also talks about Jungle is out now. You find the digital edition at modernluxury.com/angeleno/digital-edition. Or read their article.

Update: 27th May 2016. Behind the scenes video called "Making Magic".
Update: 4th June 2016. More photos and another behind the scenes photo.
Update: 6th June 2016. Another photo via Warwick Saint's website.
Update: 16th July 2016. Two more photos added via Terrie Tanaka management.
Update: 19th September 2016. Photo via Marcus Siriotis.

The same article is also featured in Modern Luxury's Dallas, DC, Orange County and CS magazine but they all have have a different cover.

Behind the scenes photo, via Meg McGuire:

The photoshoot:

source: modernluxury.com/angeleno/
picture source: Warwick Saint

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