Scans: Gentlemen's Watch magazine (NL) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Scans: Gentlemen's Watch magazine (NL)

Ik had het al gemeld op Facebook. Er staat een exclusief interview in de voorjaar 2016 nummer van Gentleman's Watch magazine ter promotie van Victor Frankenstein (met foto's van Sarah Dunn) ook al komt de film alleen op DVD en Blu-ray in Nederland zoals ik al eerder vermeldde. Verder ook een tabel over Daniel's carrière. Wat wel raar is is dat What If, Kill Your Darlings en Horns er niet in staan na A Young Doctor's Notebook uit 2012. Trainwreck dan weer wel.

Credit Daniel J Radcliffe Holland als je de scans gebruikt.

Translation (only from the interview part) by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Credit the website if you use the translation and/or scans.

These kind of press days, do you see it as something you have to do or do you also really like it?

This is actually still a relaxed day. It's almost 4pm and I still answer in full sentences and correct English. It's a thing that needs to be done.Look, it's not the favorite thing of my work, but definitely not the worst either. And you can't complain about this? These are rick people's problems. We are in a hotel where the rooms don't go for under a thousand pounds, the tea I just got is probably worth a month of my pocket money and I get to talk about something I am proud of.

And it's a part of your pay check.
Definitely, it's something I have signed on for. I see it this way. I have worked with hundreds of people on this films for months, everybody wants people to see the film from the set builders to the girl who does the hair and make-up. But nobody comes to talk to you so I am the ambassador to make sure that as many people as possible come to see it.

There have to be moments you are thinking Oh there we go again?

Oh yes definitely, but that's mainly the case when people want to talk about me. I am not that interesting guys. I'm only a 26 year old guy with a lot of luck, and sometimes secretly smokes a cigarette.

This version of Frankenstein is different than the original. What's the reason that you said yes to this film?
When the film was announced the first comments where: "Ah you see there is no originality in Hollywood anymore. There is again another Frankenstein film coming" But it's actually another view on the original story. You see the story from Igor's (Radcliffe's) perspective. Then it's a big studio film with a lot of action, but it talks -as film- also about technology, ethics, and how we can continue in technology? Not preachy, because it's a rollercoaster ride.  but the deeper layer is thereif you choose to join on those discussions.

Is that something that interests you, the link between  technology and ethics?

Absolutely, in school I was always chosing for ethics and filosophy, expecially the ethics of cloning and artificial intelligence. Those are questions we need to get answers to in our lives, because it will be real. Science has a little bit of fear in itself for me, but I think that's only healthy. The story of Frankenstein was the first which worked with those questions and we still aren't finished with them.

What are you the most scared of yourself?

Artificial intelligence. If we don't deal with that the right way, we can get a lot of trouble with it. I don't say it will be like Skynet in the Terminator films *laughs* But a lot of stuff yes. But then I feel good with the following thought. Thirty years ago we all thought that we would drive around in flying cars. That didn't happen. The same with jetpacks sixty years ago. So it hope it will go the same with artificial intelligence. But a jetpack would be cool, right?

You are more then 15 years working in film now, are you now where you want to be in your carreer?

Pff.. well I think it's going okay. If you had told me in 2011, after the past Harry Potter film, that I would have done three plays, seven films, and a handful TV movie's: I wouldn't have believed you. I really thought I had the best already *laughs*.

That wasn't what you were hoping I hope?
No, definitely not! But I never had thought that so many people from Hollywood would have given me so many chances. And that I could take them too.

Were you able to surprise yourself enough in the last years?

*is in doubt* hmmm yes well. Ehm yes, I think so. I make unusual choices. I did choose independent films, while I could have went for something with a 100 million plus budget. It always could have been more and bigger. But take the next film I am going to shoot: Swiss Army Man. About a man who befriends a dead body. I wouldn't show it to your seven year old cousin who just started watching Harry Potter. So I hope to surprise as much as possible and hope to impress my colleagues.

Do you think you are a good actor?
*laughs* How do I answer this without sounding like a huge d*ck? During Harry Potter I was really awful at times. I can't watch the last films without feeling bad about it. I did discover drinking, and that was a huge thing in the press for years, it was too much. When I said goodby too that I was starting to focus, that got better. I still have acting classes so it stays a "work in progress".

It's now 4 years after Potter, but you still didn't lost him. You work on a serious drama an the press is writing "Harry Potter is going serious"
Yes and I am not naive in that. I do not think that will change in a few years. It's even bizar that there is now a second Harry Potter generation coming who will see Harry Potter. I will never get anything more bigger than Harry Potter was and that's fine with me. I was still thinking about that directly after Harry Potter. I was then really focussing on creating another Daniel Radcliffe . Now I have something like "I will see how it will go".

You never have the uge to say, 'Hello,  I am now way more then the glasses and the wand'

No, it may look like I'm just moving it away, but I am not irritated by it because film studios and colleagues do not see me like that. I will always carry Harry Potter with me and I am proud of it. I will sign wands until I am 80 years old *laughs* People have to get used to it. And cmon I still look like Harry with my babyface. Without the beard. When I am gray and have wrinkles and kids look at me in horror and their parent say 'Look that's Harry Potter' then it's over.

You didn't became a spoiled child star, how hard was that?
When I was filming my first not Harry Potter film in 2007, December Boys, the crew thought I would be an asshole. That's the image people have of child stars. And still people think I must be a real asshole. So I really have to be a bit normal, like everyone else really, and I am already a gift from heaven. Hilarious.

Did you find it hard to stay 'normal'?
I really did enjoy the work. Being on set with a group of people creating something beautiful and doing the most bizarre things everyday. Acting - how worse I even was at the beginning- was the focus for me. There wasn't a chance that I would risk that in any way. And strict parents that was also very handy.

Do you think you are too nice?
Look, I am no Saint. Ofcourse I do not want to do anything at times. But I think that I have to just do it. And I am that type of Englishman who doesn't dare to say no because I don't want to look like a jerk.  But...the inventor of the cellphone camera, I can shoot him *laughs*

You are living in New York for a while now, was that a choice to have a more quiet life?

There you also have a lot of paparazzi., but it's better than Los Angeles and London. But yes it's a very easy city for me to be in, expecially because New Yorkers are proud for the fact that they don't care if they meet you on the street. Very down to earth even while they will sometimes still look when I move into the metro. I don't really need to try that in London.

What's the question, where you think oh no there it is again
Would you like to play Harry Potter again? I can't answer that question. Every answer is wrong. If I say 'yes' it would be something huge. If I say 'no', like I feel I would answer to be honest, then I'm that unthankful prick. So please don't ask.. *laughs"

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