Updated(4): Un-Titled Project magazine (US) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated(4): Un-Titled Project magazine (US)

I did already post a behind the scenes photo from the photoshoot back in 2015, but Un-Titled Project magazine number 8 is out now. It has five different covers, one with a painting of Daniel by Kris Knight. You can purchase an issue at un-titledproject.com: PDF or a hard copy.

Full interview and photos
. Plus one via Instagram

Update: 10th February 2016. "In conversation with Daniel Radcliffe" video.
Update: 4th March 2016. The original photo they used for the "painted cover" version.
Update: 10th July 2016. A video shared by Dennis Golonka.
Update: 9th July 2017. More outtakes on dennisgolonka.com.

featuring the Naturalist project with: Daniel Radcliffe, Dustin Lance Black, Sarah Paulson, Cody Simpson, Tham & Videgård, Cory Michael smith, India Salvor Menuez, Peter vack, Venetia scott, Johan Svensson, Sam Claflin

source: un-titledproject.com
Photos: Dennis Golonka

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  1. Does Daniel Radcliff ever stop looking so good?


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