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24 January 2016

Updated(5): "Swiss Army Man" portrait sessions (Sundance Film Festival)

More portrait sessions from day 2 (yesterday) at the Sundance Film Festival in promotion of Swiss Army Man.

Update: 27th January 2016. Another photo.
Update: 4th February 2016. More photos from the Variety Studio session. And a behind the scenes video.
Update: 23rd December 2016. A behind the scenes photo taken during the shoot by Mark Mann for Deadline.
Update: 7 July 2017. Another photo.
Update: 5th June 2020. Another photo.

The Hollywood Reporter Studio at Rock & Reilly's : (picture source: John Para)

(picture source: Austin Hargrave)

The Wrap: (picture source: Corina Marie Howell)

Variety Studio: (picture source: Michael Buckner)

Toyota Mirai Music Lodge - AP (Associated Press): (picture source: Matt Sayles)

Deadline: (picture source: Mark Mann) short video via Twitter

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