Updated(3): Day 3 at Sundance: Indiewire in Conversation panel - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated(3): Day 3 at Sundance: Indiewire in Conversation panel

Another (late) post regarding day 3 at the Sundance Film Festival. Daniel did attend the Indiewire in Conversation panel at Chase Sapphire on Main on Sunday 24th January together with Daniel Scheinert, Dan Kwan, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Paul Dano to promote Swiss Army Man.

Update: 28th January 2016. A photo via Instagram from the The Chase Sapphire lounge portrait session for IndieWire by Daniel Bergeron.
Update: 2nd February 2016. Videos.
Update: 2nd May 2016. Another photo by Daniel Bergeron.

There's another photo via Spencer Soloman on Instagram.


Daniel Radcliffe on the Challenges of Playing a Dead Guy

The Power of the Film's Songs and Original Music

source: indiewire.com
picture source: Jack Dempsey


  1. The first video seems stop in the middle.

  2. yes you are right. Seems to be a problem at Indiewire's website.


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