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Daniel Radcliffe interviews Juno Temple for Heroine magazine

Daniel has been interviewing his Horns co-star Juno Temple for the first issue of UK's Heroine magazine, which is based on the global success of Hero magazine. Below you find a part from the interview.

Daniel: “Do you have any of those moments where you’re just looking at a set full of plaster trees, and you think the film industry is just mad?”
Juno: “Yeah, I mean shooting Maleficent was like that because so much of it was CGI, so I spent most of my time in a giant white room wearing a wetsuit with ping pong balls all over it. I had all these ink dots all over my face and I was filming with a ten foot tall version of Angelina Jolie’s face. I did think, ‘This is a bit mad."

Daniel: “Well there’s a fantastic generation of young female actresses, are there enough roles to go around?”
Juno: “I think things happen for a reason, you’re not going to get every role. Like you say, there are some truly extraordinary young women actresses right now like Jennifer Lawrence, Mia Wasikowska, Elizabeth Olsen...

“You watch them and you forget sometimes that you’re even watching them. They are so young but know the craft in such an old way, and I love that so much. So if the job doesn’t go your way you’re just as excited to see the film anyway. Also, I’m still at a stage where sometimes I look eighteen, some days people tell me I look fourteen which is a bit of a shock... and then sometimes I look twenty five.”

source/photo's: theheroinemagazine.com

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