Updated: Paper magazine photoshoot (US) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated: Paper magazine photoshoot (US)

Photos have appeared online from Daniel's photoshoot for Paper magazine (US),the May 2014 issue, to promote The Cripple of Inishmaan on Broadway which can be seen below. Three behind the scenes photos appeared already online back in February via Paper magazine, Akmal Shaukat (art director) & Louie Banks (photographer).

6th May 2014. Part of the interview below. Plus photos via Sam Spector. photo 1 / photo 2 / photo 3

On spending the summer in New York... "I love just going out and sitting down in the park along with the thousands of other people who apparently have no work to do during the day. People come up to me, but they are generally really nice. New York makes it easier, for me at least. People manage to be enthusiastic and sort of sane at the same time. And that's lovely."

source: papermag.com
Photo: Louie Banks (via models.com)

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