New fan mail picture (2014) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


New fan mail picture (2014)

Daniel has a new picture with (pre-print) autograph which he sends out to fans who write to his fan mail adress which can be found at this page where you can also find Daniel's newsletters from years ago. Write to him if you want to receive this picture.

Please note that it's possible that another picture does get send out via ARG, London. This one was received via the Cort Theater in New York with a note that they can't handle personalized autograph requests due to the volume of mail. 

Photo: photographer is unknown
photo via Timothy Skyler Dunigan on Facebook.


  1. Hi I sent a letter to Daniel july 20th to his new adress and I still didn't receive an answer. Is it normal ?

  2. Hi! yes it is normal. Mostly it's inbetween 2-3 months, but it can be longer.


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