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Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts

Universal Orlando has released more details about their new The Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts in Florida. It will feature new scenes with Daniel as Harry for one last time.

Senior VP of Universal Creative Thierry Coup told the Huffington Post that the cast actually reunited to film the new scenes back in 2012.
I actually got to direct those scenes for this new Universal Orlando attraction in December of 2012. And it was obvious that the cast members who came back to be part of the Gringotts shoot really enjoyed the opportunity to revisit these characters… I mean, these performers had spent so many years working together on that acclaimed series of films. So it was clear that they really appreciated this opportunity to revisit the world of Harry Potter. Getting the chance to portray these iconic characters one more time.
This will be the last footage for the theme park which Daniel will be involved in. Regarding the rumor of more new footage for the Diagon Alley park expansion, which was announced on 8th May 2013, he told The Daily Beast:
"I know nothing about that. They may very well be using existing footage that we’d already filmed for the movies, but I have had no calls or involvement in that. A while ago they asked me to do more stuff for the theme park, and that was my moment to try and draw a line because that theme park is going to keep expanding…

I wish them all the luck in the world and I genuinely think that what they did with the theme park in Florida is fantastic, and they really did a great job".
Behind the scenes video:

From the press release:

Imagine being part of the iconic moment from the Harry Potter film series where Harry, Ron and Hermione break into one of the most guarded places in the wizarding world – Gringotts bank – to retrieve a magical object that will help defeat Lord Voldemort. You’ve seen the action on-screen, and now you get to be part of it.

Universal’s creative team worked hand-in-hand with Stuart Craig and his production team from the Harry Potter films to immerse guests in this pivotal scene from the final Harry Potter book and film.

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