TIFF 2013: National Post photoshoot and interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


TIFF 2013: National Post photoshoot and interview

In promotion of Kill Your Darlings: National Post had a photoshoot during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) The photos were taken on 10th September 2013 (the day with the KYD press conference) but are released now.

The interview. Full article here. Another photo here.

On immersing himself in the F Word romantic comedy “It’s the freshest thing I’ve ever done,” Radcliffe said. “There is no scene where my character has a breakdown. It’s all about collaboration and playing around and having fun.”

On the wordplay in the movie “I was always scared that it was too much dialogue and it would be too wordy and all that,” he said. “But it’s very cinematic, and captures [Toronto] well, and that was important to me.”

source/photo: nationalpost.com

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