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A Young Doctor's Notebook: on set with Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe

The Telegraph has posted a new interview online with Jon Hamm and Daniel, plus some new photos on set of A Young Doctor's Notebook & Other Stories. Quotes from Daniel are below, find here the full interview.

'I owe everything to Potter, but playing a character for so long gives you this pent-up energy and desire to try as many different things as possible. The films I made last year and A Young Doctor have been huge leaps forward for me. I think I am getting better at knowing what I am good and not good for,’ he says.

There is also a pleasure for Radcliffe in being able to direct his still enormous, fervent Potter fan base into more esoteric areas. 'Primarily I am trying to test and challenge myself and to get better, because that is what excites me the most. But if I can get just one more person to read Bulgakov, or to come to see The Cripple of Inishmaan, that is incredibly cool.’
A Young Doctor’s Notebook has been a passion project for the whole team. 'I have never worked in a situation like this where there is constant dialogue between the writers and cast,’ Radcliffe says. 'We were always throwing new things in, and there was a lovely collaborative atmosphere.’ Hamm describes the show as finding a 'creative sweet spot’. He says it has been a pleasure to have a second crack at the role. 'I had this experience on Mad Men, where the more you come back to something, the more you feel and the deeper you can explore things,’ he says.
But for all the team’s enthusiasm, the chances of a third series appear slim. All think they have run out of source material in Bulgakov’s stories, although Radcliffe sounds a word of happy caution. 'Bulgakov wrote a lot, but I don’t know what they would do next. I said that before, though, so maybe the writers will outsmart me again.

source: telegraph.co.uk
picture source: Robert Viglasky, Colin Hutton & Ollie Upton for Sky Arts

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