Updated: Be a part of the Kill Your Darlings Cut Up Art exhibition launched by Daniel Radcliffe - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated: Be a part of the Kill Your Darlings Cut Up Art exhibition launched by Daniel Radcliffe

The Kill Your Darlings Cut Up Art exhibition is coming soon to London. The Works UK are launching a Cut-Up art exhibition and they want your submissions. It's a chance to have your work included in the London Cut-Up art exhibition and attend the exhibition launch with Daniel Radcliffe on Thursday 21 November. Below you find the introduction from Daniel and more info on how to submit your own work.

Update: 6th November 2013. Today, The Works released another video via Little White Lies in which Daniel and Dane DeHaan explain how you can enter.

Information via Little White Lies magazine:
Submissions should be made using the cut-up technique i.e. taking scissors to an original text then rearranging the fragments to create a new one. This snappy creative mode is inspired by a double whammy of Williams (Faulkner and Burroughs) and has been used by the likes of David Bowie, Kurt Cobain and Thom Yorke. In the spirit of 'killing your darlings' your cut-up creations can be inspired by whatever your own creative obsessions are: design, fashion, illustration, photography, art, literature, music.

Upload an image of your cut-up artwork to the Kill Your Darlings UK Facebook page no later than Sunday 17 November. Facebook submissions should be .jpg, .bmp, .png, .gif or.tiff image files and should be 15mb or less in size and must be available for projection in digital image format either in 1024 x 768 landscape or 768 x 1024 portrait pixel resolution. The exhibition will take the form of a series of projections that will appear across London locations between November 21-23.
For more information: Check out #KYDcutUp or visit the official Facebook page and to join the cut up conversation. --> Event link <--

Kill Your Darlings will be in UK cinemas from 6 December.

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