Yahoo Q&A - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Yahoo Q&A

Yahoo chatted with Daniel during a Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) break. Full article.

Q : Tell us about how you stepped into the sensible shoes of the young Allen Ginsberg the year he entered Columbia University?
DR: The first point of reference for me was his diaries. He had quite extensive diaries that he kept from a very young age. They gave me some very great insight into him for this period. After that, the other stuff was working on the voice and the accent, and work on his physicality. And then the final piece of it was the contact lenses, and the glasses and the permed hair...

Q: Did you get Ginsberg’s signature buck teeth?
DR: No I didn’t. We did something to the lips, slightly filled them out, because he did have really full lips. We didn’t get mine to the place his were. That would have looked ridiculous.


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