BFI's London Film Festival: Kill Your Darlings part of line-up, Daniel Radcliffe to attend - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


BFI's London Film Festival: Kill Your Darlings part of line-up, Daniel Radcliffe to attend

British Film Institute's London Film Festival (takes place 9-20th October 2013) just announced Kill Your Darlings as part of their line-up this morning. The movie is in consideration for the Sutherland Award in the First Feature Competition recognising an original and imaginative directorial debut. Daniel Radcliffe is announced as one of the many film guests to attend the festival.

The schedule:
17th October 2013,  Odeon West End, Screen 2, 9:00 PM        
On sale: 20-09-2013 12:00 PM
18th October 2013,  VUE, Screen 5,  3:00 PM                          
On sale: 20-09-2013 12:00 PM
About Kill Your Darlings:
The story of the Beat Generation is well documented in cinema, but rarely has it been rendered with such originality and fervour as in John Krokidas’ striking debut, Kill Your Darlings. Following the trails of a young Allen Ginsberg as he navigates his way through freshman year at Colombia in 1944, the film recounts his burgeoning friendships with William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac, and his increasingly noxious relationship with the volatile Lucien Carr; to whom Ginsberg would later dedicate his celebrated poem ‘Howl’. In the lead role, Daniel Radcliffe shines as the infamous young poet desperate to escape from his academic prison and figure out the man he wants to be. If Radcliffe is a revelation, then so too is director Krokidas, who infuses each scene with an urgency and sense of discovery that makes it so visually distinctive without ever overshadowing the emotional authenticity that exists at its core.

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