Birthday Project 2013 in partnership with Glowing Radcliffe, Portal Radcliffe & - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Birthday Project 2013 in partnership with Glowing Radcliffe, Portal Radcliffe &

Daniel's 24th birthday is coming up (23rd July 2013) and this year Daniel J Radcliffe Holland joins the birthday project set up by Glowing Radcliffe together with Portal Radcliffe  & to show Daniel support from all over the world. And you, as our site visitor, can join! Read all about the project below. And please do spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.

What is it about?
Words. We will collect the fans' favorite words and then transcribe them in a book, then send it to Dan.

How can I join?
You just have to fill in the form, like it is posted below, including name, age, country, the word you've chosen and its meaning. This sounds really easy, can I send the amount of words I want/whatever word I want? We will only choose 1 word per fan, if you want to send another word and want to send you have to let us know in the “more info” box in the form. We won't be accentis nasty words, words that don't exist in any kind of language (we accept them if the do in different dialects). Words like “love” “cute” “beauty” and such won't be considered into the project because we're looking for originality (we all have one weird word we love!)

Will I receive a confirmation e-mail once I'm in the project?
We will only answer these that have to change the word because they don't follow the rules, so if you didn't get an answer it's because your word is in. If you're not sure we received your submission you can e-mail the site (see below) or message/post via Facebook.

Does the word have to be related to Daniel?
No. It's your favorite word we're talking about, it doesn't have to be related to Daniel. If it is, that's awesome!

What if the word I chose has already been chosen by somebody else?

It's cool, if that happens the fans that chose that word will be listed under the meaning of it.

How will you sort them into the book?

On a first-come.

Do I have to pay for something?

No, joining the project is free.

Can I spread the word about the project?

Sure! The more, the merrier.

When's the deadline?
July 21st, Time: 0:00

Will we get an answer from Dan?
We don't know, in the last two projects his agency answered us. We hope so!

--- FORM:
Language of your chosen word (in case it is in another language that's not your native language):
More Info:

Send an e-mail (please use as subject: "Birthday Project 2013" or use "question Birthday Project 2013" if you have a question)


  1. I've tried to use the form, but it don't work; so I've tried two time to send you an e-mail, but... it don't work too, I receive a message of failure! How can I do? Thanks!

  2. Oh, well I shall check the form, but my e-mail works since I have received other mails today. You are sure you used the right one?

  3. OOPS! I've forgot the "j" between Daniel e Radcliffe: this is my error! I've send the mail again, now I think it's alright.

  4. oh yeah then it won't work. and I got your e-mail. thanks! and to answer your question from your e-mail: we ask people to add the language from the word and the translation in english ;)(but don't worry I understand yours)

  5. Can you give me example of the word? I don't quite understand.


  6. Hi Anonymous,

    I e-mailed you back. Well I assume it was you since I got an e-mail this morning with the same question.

  7. 23 July: today it's Dan birthday!! So, I write here my best wishes for him: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hugs & kisses all for you!


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