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English version available of Chronik eines Harry Potter Fans

I posted some time before about the book from Thomas Sailer called Chronik eines Harry Potter Fans Thomas has now letting me know that he released an english version which is now available at Amazon, so more of you will now be able to read it.

There is only an e-book version available for now which is called Chronicles of a Harry Potter Fan Thomas: thanks for letting me know. I am sure that many people can relate to your story, people like me who are active online with a website or people who are member of a HP community for quite some years now and basically "grew up" with Harry Potter.

For many years, beginning in spring 2005, I was active in the virtual Harry Potter fan community: I started helping out on the renowned fansite 'Emma Watson Empire' and advanced, from a normal site visitor, to the site's representative just within a few months.

Two years later, I founded the Knight Bus, world's most likely biggest Harry Potter link archive. And finally, I started the organisation 'The international network of Harry Potter Websites': My attempt to get the worldwide fandom to collaborate and to keep it in one piece after the release of the final Harry Potter movie.

In this book, I talk about my activities and inducements, as well as the influence which the Harry Potter story had on my life.
- Thomas reading from his book.
- Interview with Thomas by BooksandWands.com

Photos: Thomas Sailer

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