Empire magazine interview (UK) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Empire magazine interview (UK)

The new June issue of Empire magazine is out today and features a new interview and photoshoot with Daniel from the Empire Awards 2013. I already posted the two photos you see below on the website's Facebook page a few days ago, now you can read the whole interview where he talks about Horns, Kill Your Darlings, music and more below via Tumblr. (iPad version)
 "The goal is to make myself an actor rather than just one character. I think that’s starting to happen,” he told Empire magazine. “I think it’s important to be your own toughest critic because that way you’ll always be driven to get better. But it’s important to temper that with being able to give yourself credit for something you’re pleased with. I was very bad at that before. I was unable to see anything good, now I’m starting to.”
Photo: Sarah Dunn

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