Updated(4): Daniel Radcliffe launches the Woman In Black home premiere screening (UK) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated(4): Daniel Radcliffe launches the Woman In Black home premiere screening (UK)

The Woman in Black UK Facebook page posted this new video of Daniel promoting the The Woman in Black UK home premiere. He asks all the UK fans to watch the film at 8:00 PM on 21st June  2012. The event on Facebook. The Woman in Black DVD/Blu-ray release date for the UK is 18th June.

Update: 13th June 2012. Daniel also recorded a message for Sugarscape regarding the screening and one from MizzMagTV!
Update: 20th June 2012. Home premiere shout out.
Update: 21st June 2012. One hour to go message below.
Update: 22th June 2012. Did you took part? A message below.

Press release:


Daniel Radcliffe, the star of the thrilling ghost story, THE WOMAN IN BLACK, today launched an initiative across YouTube and Facebook to stage the first ever worldwide home premiere screening of a ghost story film, THE WOMAN IN BLACK.

The event will be taking place on June 21st from 8pm with fans encouraged to “attend” the event and watch their Blu-ray, DVD or Digital Download simultaneously with other fans around the nation. Stay tuned to THE WOMAN IN BLACK Facebook and YouTube channels for more announcements from Dan.

Radcliffe instructed fans with the following message, “As you know the longest day is coming and it makes sense for you to safely watch The Woman In Black before the darkness creeps in. We want everyone to watch the film on June 21st from 8pm.” THE WOMAN IN BLACK is a terrifying film to watch alone, and along with this initiative fans all over the world can unite and share this unique premiere experience together, in the comfort of their own homes.

One hour to go

Last message from Daniel to all of you who took part

Photo: YouTube

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