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The final Harry Potter DVD arrives

I am very excited for the coming release of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 DVD [a great UK pre-order offer] – (sale starts 11th November depending on your country) this cinematic release of this was one of the best movie events of the year! Daniel Radcliffe was his usual fantastic self and played the role right to the end. In some way this must have been the hardest film for him as he spent an incredible amount of time on screen, and had to confront his most dramatic scenes yet, but he pulled it off!

The movie was absolutely amazing, and I am very excited to get my hands on the DVD with deleted scenes, audio commentary and much more extras! (it is 16th November available here in Holland). I guess you all are too! Daniel Radcliffe first came onto the screen in 2001, 10 years ago. Many of us have quite literally grown up with this sprawling movie series and it is quite weird that there will be no more Harry Potter films. Thankfully we will always have the DVDs!

It will also be quite sad to know we will never see Daniel Radcliffe in the role that made him so famous anymore. He was a fantastic Harry Potter, and we got to see him grow up on the screen. (remember the speech of Emma Watson at the DH part 2 London premiere?) "You were and are the perfect Harry, and will be"

But don't fear, with movies like The Woman in Black coming out February next year we are in for many more films featuring Daniel. In a way I’m glad Harry Potter has ended as it means Daniel will be free to pursue even more exciting new projects, which I personally can’t wait to watch!

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  1. Yes!! We will always have the DVD's to watch anytime we want :)its going to be very strange when there's not another one in cinemas next year though... But looking forward to The Woman in Black, I saw it on the West End Stage in London,and it was very scary!


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