Spotlight Event's: Harry Potter: Back to Hogwarts - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Spotlight Event's: Harry Potter: Back to Hogwarts

Do you remember we posted before about Spotlight Events? We already supported their event in Paris back in 2010 and now I can announce that SE is announcing their second Event: Harry Potter Back to Hogwarts for all Potter Fans in November (France) with stars of Harry Potter attending, and ofcourse we are a proud supporter again! Thanks to Amandine from Spotlight Events for the info

What to know:
Guest(s): Stanislav Ianevski, Harry Melling (Dudley) other guests will be announced before the event
Date(s): 4, 5 and 6 November 2011
Place: France, (venue will be announced in September)
Site: here or at the Spotlight Event's website (French and English)
VIP Pass: From 300 euros in auction (almost £253) (Limited to 4 tickets only)
Outstanding Pass: 200 euros (almost £168) (Limited to 150 tickets)
Exceeds Expectations Pass: 150 euros (almost £126)
Acceptable Pass: 70 euros (almost £59)

If you want to buy tickets: click here
Follow Spotlight Events @Twitter: @SpotLightEvents

More information about other guests and more, sure will come when we are getting closer to November!

Photo: Spotlight Events

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