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David Copperfield: NL/UK DVD artwork

Below you find the UK and NL artwork for BBC's David Copperfield (1999). The adaption of Charles Dickens' book. I decided to add them together in one post since the artwork is almost the same. In the UK it was released on 20th August 2001 and here in Holland on 1st August 2010.

Deze klassieker van Charles Dickens vertelt het verhaal van de jonge David die, na een ruzie met zijn stiefvader, naar kostschool wordt gestuurd. Kort hierna overlijdt zijn moeder en blijft David achter als wees. Met niemand om voor hem te zorgen, begint David aan zijn vele omzwervingen voordat hij eindelijk het geluk vindt. De hoofdrol wordt gespeeld door Daniel Radcliffe die bekend is als de populaire tovenaarsleerling Harry Potter in de gelijknamige speelfilm.Verder zijn te zien: Bob Hoskins als de altijd optimistische Mr Micawber, Maggie Smith als Davids strenge tante, Betsey Trotwood, Nicholas Lyndhurst als de sluwe, gemene Uriah Heep en Pauline Quirke als Davids trouwe vriendin, Pegotty. De rol van de jonge Steerforth wordt gespeeld door Harry Lloyd; een nazaat van Charles Dickens. Overige rollen: Alun Armstrong,Thelma Barlow, Michael Elphick, Oliver Ford Davies, Emilia Fox, Dawn French, James Grout, Cherie Lunghi, Ian McKellen, Ian McNeice, Oliver Milburn, Joanna Page, Daniel Radcliffe, Amanda Ryan, Imelda Staunton, James Thornton, Zoë Wanamaker en Paul Whitehouse.

Extra's: The making of David Copperfield, Een extra 30 minuten (in 5.1) van de originele filmmuziek gecomposeerd door Rob Lane en digitaal bewerkt door David Maurice.

Like a fine gourmet meal, the BBC's 1999 adaptation of David Copperfield has something to suit every taste: a well-paced screenplay that keeps the tale bowling along without losing the delights of some of Dickens' most sparkling dialogue; a rich gallery of characters; and a cast which features many of Britain's favourite actors. There is, of course, plenty of high comedy but some very tight direction checks any tendencies to over-ripe performance. The whole production is tightly integrated: from David's idyllic if cloistered childhood with his beloved mother and their devoted servant Peggotty, through the shattering arrival of a sadistic stepfather, rescue by his eccentric Aunt Betsey Trotwood and a journey into maturity where his very innocence makes him the unwitting agent of tragedy before all is resolved. Ciaran McMenamin is the mature David, his youthful face increasingly clouded by the gathering of experience. Trevor Eve oozes evil as his stepfather Mr Murdstone, ultimately neutralised by Maggie Smith's Aunt Betsey, a comic performance of true genius that gives frequent flashes of the vulnerable human being beneath. In other inspired pieces of casting, Nicholas Lyndhurst's incubus-like Uriah Heep haunts every scene he's in, and Pauline Quirke's Peggotty exudes the motherly warmth that sustains David during his darkest moments. Three hours of classic drama heaven. --Piers Ford

DVD Special Features:
The Making of David Copperfield. An additional 30 minutes (in 5.1) of the original music composed by Rob Lane. Compiled and digitally edited by David Maurice.

Photos: BBC

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