Updated: Empire Big Screen: The Woman in Black teaser/poster and more - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated: Empire Big Screen: The Woman in Black teaser/poster and more

Today was the day of the Empire Big Screen event, which Daniel sadly couldn't attend like I posted earlier here, but there are some tweets on Twitter via the official The Woman in Black account, which  gives us some more information on what happened in London and what's to come.

Update: Audio from the press conference here thanks to danradcliffe.com

a US teaser from the film next week (CBS Fims released that info)
A World Exclusive poster has been released (which will be online this week, a close-up of Dan)
3) They showed an exclusive clip. Description: "Arthur (Dan) being creeped out by a door that he can't open. He goes to get an axe but it has opened on its own" (which also will appear online soon hopefully)

tweets (from the Press Conference which took place at 4PM today): [@WomanInBlackUK]

James had Daniel Radcliffe working in a marsh tank for three days and he powered through. He's proud of his performance! #TheWomanInBlack

James - 'Daniel is such a delight to work with - to an extent it is suspicious!' #TheWomanInBlack

Jon - 'measuring the audiences reaction is key to tailoring the film for the horror genre' #TheWomanInBlack @EmpireBIGSCREEN

James - we can expect a growing sense of dread when watching the film #TheWomanInBlack

Jon and James - 'Subtle, measured and unsettling. It WILL get under people's skin. And there WILL be jumpy moments!' #TheWomanInBlack

The UK trailer has just been played on stage - only shown in front of select screenings so far #TheWomanInBlack

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