Birthday Project 2011 in partnership with - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Birthday Project 2011 in partnership with

Well since we haven’t really made a birthday project since 2008 I decided to definitely change that this year. And also because Daniel J Radcliffe Holland has it’s 5th anniversary this year. Another reason to celebrate! So we start early this year.
This time, a little change. We decided to partner up with our neighbour website from Germany and we now have a three part project together.

Edit: The project has ended. More info will come soon.

"Bigger. Better, and for a good cause: Three part project"
Part 1 Fundraiser for Demelza House (Daniel J Radcliffe Holland and

- All contributions help the children, the parents and the organization of Demelza. international/online. All ways to donate are here

To let Demelza House know that you donate in name of our project, please add as source "Daniel Radcliffe DE/NL"! (also on the online form : source- "other") We informed them and they know that it means this project.

Part 2
T-shirt (Daniel J Radcliffe Holland)

I bought a great white v-neck t-shirt and some t-shirt markers. I want to make some kind of print/text on it by using YOUR words. It will depend on how many fans that will join if I will use the front, or the front and the back.

How to join?

1) Send me an e-mail. Subject: Birthday project 2011
- or send me an @ reply on Twitter @DanJRadcliffeNL
(make sure you follow, so I can DM you back when you are added, so you are sure you have joined)

2) Add your words to descibe Daniel/which make you think of Daniel (according to his projects, personally etc) Please send up to 5 words and your name/twittername to add (how many words I actualy use will depend)

Regarding a question:
-It doesn't matter if they are adjectives or nouns as long as it isn't something rude ofcourse ;)

3) I will send an e-mail/DM back to you when your words/name have been added! (will be probably somewhere in July)

Part 3 An album for Daniel! ( You can send:

1. A picture of you, holding a slip of paper. On this paper you can write simply
"Happy Birthday, Daniel!" or another short sentence!

Of course you can also draw something on the paper. I mean if you don’t want to write something! But if you write a short message, please look that you write BIG and don’t write too much! Please note the picture will be reduced on normal Photo-Size. That means 10x15cm [normal postcard size] and of course the words ought to be clearly recognisable! The message has to be in english! And please no naked or half naked photos and no insults and innuendos!

2. A short message from you to Daniel. That can be a letter, a poem or a birthday card! The main point is that the text is not longer than a half Din A4-side! Because the album is not soooo big! ;D And of course the Text has to be in english! Clear or not? And again no insults and innuendos!
Of course you can decorate your letters! Would be great!

3. A drawing from you for him.
It doesn’t matter what you add on it! A flower field, a animal or what ever! Just a picture, what you want to share with Daniel!

4. Something what you tinkered!
It’s not important what!

5. You can be more creative than us and send us a quite different thing. A idea we didn’t think of!

Please remember to send us you name (or Nickname if you want), your Age and your Land / Town, or just your name, if you don’t want to tell us.

You can send us everything by e-mail or by post. If you sent a drawing or a self tinkered thing, you better send it by post.

By Post you can send your Photo [normal Size - 10x15cm, what means normal postcard size ;)], your text, your drawing , your self tinkered [everything not bigger than a half DinA-4 Site ] or anything else what we can stick into the album, to this address:
Mira Dahm
Wientapperweg 2c
22589 Hamburg

If you want to send something via e-mail, please tell the subject: "Birthday project2011" and send it to (Mira)

Closing date:
- 15th July (t-shirt)
- 18th July (the album)
- end of July (the donation)

Please share this page to family/friends and on Facebook and Twitter.
If you still have questions, please don't hesistate to ask Mira and/or me.


  1. gente euuuu adooorooo oo daniel e espero um dia poder conhecelo pessoalmente moro no brqasil no estado de minas gerais espero que um dia ele vizite nós aqui no brasil ou euu vou ate aii na cidade dele eu amooo ele ele e um otimo ator e sempre será
    meu email e :

  2. Aleksandra,

    You have e-mailed me.. about the project,but somehow I can't reply, so if you maybe please can contact me again via e-mail or twitter? (@DanJRadcliffeNL) thanks!


  3. i love u daniel happy birthday daniel may GOD give u a long life nd every thing u wish i wanna merry u cause i have been loving u since i was 12 nd right now im 15 i wanna have u plz see my message


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