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Dan on cover new book Portraits from Uli Weber

According to Photo Pro magazine Daniel will be featuring on the cover of the new book from photographer Uli Weber (he did a shoot with Dan back in 2007, Equus, one of these photos will be on the cover) the book features portraits from his work through the years.

We catch up with the great celebrity photographer to find out more about his fantastic new book. Daniel Radcliffe has made the cover of the book and Weber confesses that it was never a contest to see which image would make it into that prime position. “It was a straightforward choice,” he says matter-of-factly. “It was a great shot and it was the one that worked the best. We set it up in a large studio in Park Royal in west London and just hung up two gigantic sheets of black velvet behind him, with matting down on the floor for the times when the horse might forget itself!”.

The book 'Portraits by Uli Weber' was released in October 2010

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