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Why Dan stopped Googling his name

Well let's start this new year with a quote from Dan about Googling his name once, and let's hope that there will be more news soon.

Have you ever “Googled” yourself and were you surprised by what you found?
Daniel Radcliffe: When I was fourteen or fifteen I did and there’s a line in ‘The Thick of It’ which is one of my favorite programs and they said, ‘Googling yourself is like opening a door to a room full of people telling you how s**t you are.’ So it comes from a place of sadomasochistic, egomania where you go, ‘Okay, I’ll write my name in and see what comes up.’ All you’re going online for is to hear nice things about yourself and all you find are terrible things, generally speaking. It doesn’t matter if there’s a list of twenty comments where nineteen of them are fantastic and the one that’s bad just eats you up. So since then I sort of stopped Googling myself.

source: teenhollywood.com

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