Update: Scans: Privé magazine interview (NL) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Update: Scans: Privé magazine interview (NL)

Scans van Privé magazine (november) waarin Daniel praat over verschillende dingen als het einden van Potter, wat hij ervan heeft geleerd, en het hebben van zijn eigen apartement nu hij 21 is.

Credit Daniel J Radcliffe Holland als je de scans gebruikt. Niet alles is even duidelijk, de pagina's waren groter dan mijn scanner, helaas..

Because I was asked for the english translation, here it is.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Privé magazine november 2010

I was more than half of my life Harry Potter” Daniel Radcliffe explains during this exclusive interview. “The cast and crew feel like a second family, I have no idea how it would be to be without them” Our last shooting day was horrible, everyone was sad. It is hard to imagine how  it is to say goodbye to the people in which you have known for so long. Even I can hardly realize what had happened to me in all those years” And still he can’t wait for the future, even when he doesn’t know exactly how it will look like, but with the 42 million dollar he has earned, he can last a bit longer.  “Sometimes I ask myself if I maybe have missed something into my childhood, because I hadn’t got a normal childhood, but at the other hand I can retire, when other from around my age now start at their first job, and that feeling is just amazing’

Deathly Hallows had been cut into two parts. After part two Harry Potter will end. How weird is that?
Dan: “it’s odd yeah, but because I have been playing harry for half of my life. It a bit of w two side feeling, I also really want to show the other side of me.. but when I think of the cast and crew.. which I see as a second family, I can’t think of a life without them. Potter has opened so many doors for me, I get offered roles from which I couldn’t dream of years ago”

What have you learned from Harry Potter?

Dan:” Harry is honest. You can depend on him. I am the same on that part..as I can say that myself..

And Harry made you popular with woman?
Dan: *laughing* Believe me, the real Daniel is not really attracting to woman. I am the shy type, I don’t  approach woman. It is something on which I need to work on.  I think that it all has come form the fact of being a celebrity, because that’s really not something that fits me”

Are you still down to earth, now you got that much money?

Dan:”of course. I don’t buy really expensive cars, and I also don’t spend thousand pounds in some sort of restaurant. I like the simple things, like art and paintings. When I am with friends, we play rather chess then going to parties. I just don’t like it. I guess that there are people from my age who think that it’s really boring, but it’s how I am”

Do you think you will ever separate from your Harry Potter image?
Dan:”It will be hard. Children on the street will always wanting me to do some tricks, but then they would be disappointed because I can’t do something” *laughs*

Which magical powers from Harry would you want to have?

Dan:”I would want to fly or being invisible: then I could  go shopping or go to the cinema without someone noticing me. I don’t want to complain, because being famous also has some some good things, but it would be great to have a normal life, which I didn’t had, because I have been into the spotlights since I was really young”

What sort of problems has a 21 year old millionaire?

“not much.. I have since some  time my own apartment, but it’s not really going like I had planned. I never really thought about which things you need to think about when you have your own apartment.. washing the dishes.. ironing.. I still visiting my mum regularly” *laughs*

How is your relation with your co-stars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint?

Dan:’” During the years we became really good friends. We have been together for so long: when there were no shooting days, we were doing a promotion tour or there was a photo shoot. There wasn’t a month that we wouldn’t see each other , we became really close.  We can laugh together, but we can also talk about our problems. I am sure that we will keep contact, now that Harry Potter has come to an end”

Can you tell us something about the big finale from ”Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”?

Dan: “You have never seen something like this:  A huge battlefield from about twenty minutes.  Believe it or not, but we have filmed six months for it, with hundreds of people, but it’s real entertainment”

What are your plans for the future?
Dan: “ I am on Broadway soon in a play, and maybe in about thirty years, there will maybe be a Harry Potter reunion, and we will be playing the teachers into a remake *laughs*

What if there will be coming an 8th Potter book in about three years, would you consider to play Harry one more time?
Dan: “ No, with this finale, it all has come to an end. I would think it would be hard to.. god! I would be much to old!  How hard it will be to not see the cast and crew again, it is real: Goodbye Harry Potter, time to move one”

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