SheKnows exclusive interview about Deathly Hallows - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


SheKnows exclusive interview about Deathly Hallows

SheKnows had an interview with Daniel about filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 (4 pages, see the link below). Topics: emotional parts, dancing, Dan and imitating and more. Thanks to for providing the info. They also interviewed Emma and Rupert.
I was devastated at the actual moment. I was crying for like two hours, but then four hours later I was on a plane and I was reading a script for The Woman In Black and now I'm half way through filming that. So we moved on pretty quickly. [Laughs] But it was a very sad moment, and at that particular moment in time you feel pretty desolate, I guess is the word. I was pretty inconsolable for a couple of hours, but then, after that, you realize, hold on. I'm on Broadway next year.
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