Equus: backstage with Wayne Hankin - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Equus: backstage with Wayne Hankin

Performer Wayne Hankin's page at Epresskitz.com posted this photo of Daniel and him backstage during the run of Equus in NY.
Daniel, a first-rate theater actor, can hold his own onstage with anyone. He's also a great music lover and blessed with a fine family who do everything together

Via Wayne Hankin's Facebook (note: Wayne means with "we had visitors" the show Cirque Du Soleil)
New York: Being off broadway was nice. We had visitors. The first was Alan Rickman, who liked the show enough to tip off this fellow Daniel Radcliffe who liked it even more. He is like a sponge and takes in everything with a great amount of enthusiasm. He invited us to see his run of Equis and he proved to be a tremendous theatrical actor, holding his own against Royal Shakesphere and Vic talents. He really carried the production. He is also very humble and his family, especially his Dad Alan do everything together
[exact date unknown, photo is taken by Alan Radcliffe]

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