New fan mail picture (2008)

A new picture will be sent out for all you who are currently writing to Dan. A photo from a shoot in promotion for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

picture source: Jaap Buitendijk. Photo via


  1. oh! an amazing pic!!! I really gotta have one myself! so I think it's time to write a letter :P

    but Stacy.. [asking you because I'm lost :P] do you have any ideas for a new B-day project for Dan which we can do with fans from the site? (for earlier ones I did see the site)

  2. Hmmm......I do have several ideas because I love thinking with my upstairs brain...

    We have to come up with something unique because and have came up with some really interesting names.

    But so far I only have "The Daniel Radcliffe Project 2008." Nice catch and it will draw fans in definitely. But I can certaintly brainstorm and come up with ideas but I really like that. It's original AND catchy.

  3. And by the way....that pic of Dan was so hot that I saved to my computer and printed it off. Ahhh! I decided to do it that way because I have NO idea how to send a letter overseas from the states.

  4. oh I see.... sounds good :)
    I wa svery proud of my "Daniel's Army project" last year.. but yes.. just like you said..I also want to come with something different then and (but still I also support their project:P)

    Well you can print the pic.. myprinter isn't that good working :S (and defintitely not pictures..) so im gonna send a letter I think..

  5. Well I printed the photo off on photo paper on my sister's Inkjet printer. We have three inkjet's and one of them was out of ink

  6. [sorry comment got cut off]

    And one of them keeps getting my photo paper jammed up. So I used my sister's and it printed out fine. I now get random heart attacks out of the blue. {how couldn't i? he's so good looking!] But yeah.

    He's my baby. But yeah let's go with the Daniel Radcliffe Project.

  7. yeah.. got an idea?? I thought maybe something with Demelza House in it?? *thinking hard*

  8. Hmmm. Well I do have the "March for Demelza" kinda stuck into my head, but I don't know. I kinda do like something that's simple such as the Daniel Radcliffe Project, but I'm not exactly sure.


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