Updated: Extras behind the scenes & bloopers - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated: Extras behind the scenes & bloopers

A look behind the scenes and bloopers from BBC Two's Extras.

Update: more videos


  1. Sassy - brit-dan.skyrock.com28 April, 2008 10:46

    Hey Marion!

    [Just to let you know, you wrote MBJ BTS" whereas the vid's about Extras! ;)]

    I've just seen that you had left me a comment... unfortunately, I'm searching these missing photos just like you... I found the gif on a forum and the girl who posted it now removed it, because she said she "shouldn't have posted it" and no one knows and understands why, because some of these shots were new to all of us!

    So I guess it is only a matter of time before these are posted on DR.com or DR.co.uk... let's cross our fingers that it'll be very soon! :D

    I also wanted to confratulate you and Stacy for the wonderful, wonderful work you do for your blog, I often come here and it's always a joy.

    Keep up the good work !
    Have a great day,


  2. Hi Sassy :)

    [yeah that was my fault :P don't know why I putted MBJ instead of Extras :S]

    well yeah the shots are awesome! and it's weird they aren't out yet... I can't wait to see the bigger ones! ;)

    And thanks for you great words.We do our best here! I have to say I also look at you blog pretty often.. (and sometimes use something you post :P, with credit back ofcourse)you post interesting things.

    Hope to talk again soon ;)


  3. Hey there!!

    I'm glad that you like our site. I'm really excited about the spectacular summer it's going to be and I can actually start saving up for Equus NY!! I haven't exactly talked to my Mom about it, but as soon as I do I can save up money to go. I'm going to be working 4 days a week 8 hours a day so I can just have enough money to go.

    But I'm glad you like the site and I was going to mention that too. I'm going to have to check your site out too!! Thanks!!


  4. You're going to see Equus in NY, Stacy ... ? I'm so glad for you, it's amazing ! I hope you'll write a whole review and account of your experience afterwards... ! ;)

    I count on it! ;) Good luck with your work!

    Yes, I can see you sometimes use the things I post, and you have every right to! Sharing the things Dan does is what everyone should do... I'm sorry my blog's in French, but my readers can't understand English very well, and it's not fair to leave them behind. At least it makes them interested in Dan, and that's all I'm looking for.

    Your blog is also very well made and updated very often to our greatest pleasure.

    Till we talk again... have a fantastic day yourselves !

  5. It has not been decided yet. I'm still working on it. It depends on how much I'll be making at my new job. So far I work up to 8 hour shifts like 4 days a week s o it's going to be tough but we can definitely make it work. I hope to see some Art Museums too but who knows? I haven't told my parents about it yet.


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