Happy New Year, 2024 - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Happy New Year, 2024

That time of the year again, December. Time to look back and also forward to the new year. You can view a top 5 list of Daniel J Radcliffe Holland's most viewed posts from 2023 on Facebook. This has been a year with some interesting different projects. From voice roles as Digman! and Mulligan, to executive producer and actor on Miracle Workers: End Times series 4 (the last season) and the musical Merrily We Roll Along which is currently still going strong. More recent has been Daniel's executive producer documentary David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived. On a personal level I can imagine that the biggest moment of the year for Daniel was the birth of his son.

What do we get in 2024? Daniel is nominated for an Emmy award for his role in WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story (still waiting for a worldwide release here). The awards show takes place on 15th January 2024. For the rest wait and see.

Happy New Year from danieljradcliffe.nl!

There is also this Merrily We Roll Along photo on Instagram from Lindsay Mendez "Last show of 2023". Plus check this photo by Jenny Anderson.

Photos: Giphy

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