Vanity Fair photoshoot - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Vanity Fair photoshoot

Daniel is featured inside Vanity Fair magazine's April 2023 issue regarding his return to Broadway in Merrily We Roll Along later this year. Vanity Fair catched up with the brightest stars from New York and it features a new photoshoot photo by Emma Summerton (also below). For their Vanity Fair Presents Curtain Call video, which is a look behind the scenes, see Facebook. There is also a Biggest Broadway Idols short.

“I had a weird introduction to this industry, so I did not ever have a period where I had standard monologues ready to go. But I know that one of my dad’s, his song was a Tom Lehrer song called ‘The Masochism Tango,’ which is weird to think of your dad doing.”


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