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Reddit AMA

Yes a Reddit AMA again! This time with Daniel and Al Yankovic in promotion of WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story. The biopic will be available to stream this week, 4th November, on The Roku Channel. It was already announced on 27th October but took place on Halloween, 31st October.

A few highlights from the session (Daniel's answers mainly) are below. Read more here. Maybe your own question was answered, check it out.

Daniel what is your favorite Weird Al song? And what song would you Iike Al to parody that he hasn't done?
My favorite changes all the time, but right now I'll go with "Bob" because it's incredibly wordy and clever and I just got to watch Al perform it the other night. And it's not a song but I would like Al to parody one of my favorite bands The Hold Steady. I feel like Al could do a really good style parody of the band's sound. - Dan

S-N-L!!! S-N-L!!!!
Would love to see you both on Saturday Night Live!!!! Any chance of that happening?
Thank you both for bringing such joy to us all over so many years!!
I too agree that Al should host SNL. - Dan
I think they'd have to ask me first. That's always been the biggest obstacle. - Al

Hi Dan! Happy Halloween! What is your favorite Halloween memory to date?!
Halloween is always great for me, because long before COVID it allowed me to wear masks in public so most of my great Halloween memories are seeing the amazing costumes and people in the New York Halloween Parade. Growing up in the UK, we didn't really do it when I was a kid, so seeing the intensity which America does it with is pretty awesome. - Dan

Daniel, what's it like to play someone in their own story? Do you feel like you get to contribute to how the production goes or is it more like you just have to do as your told?
I think when playing a real person, it's always a major concern to honor them in the film and do right by their story. This film was a slight exception in that we were setting out to honor the spirit of the man, rather than necessarily the exact details of their life. But this is definitely the first time I have played someone that I'm a fan of and that was definitely nerve wracking at first. - Dan

This question is for Daniel. When writing the movie I heard absolutely no research was done into Al’s actual life, that being said how long did it take to learn the accordion and do you plan on playing in the future?
I started learning probably two months before we started filming, maybe two and a half and I remain not very good but I enjoyed trying. I do think that it meant Eric didn't have to shoot around or away from my hands as much during the performance scenes. And I will be continuing to play to the mixed emotions of my girlfriend. - Dan

Daniel: Is it weird to be playing Weird Al and Al is it weird seeing someone else play you? I mean that’s pretty weird right? Also how weird is this movie going to be?
It's gonna be extremely weird!!! I was very nervous playing Al in front of Al at first, but thankfully he was a very forgiving non-judgemental presence on set and I think Al is probably used to seeing people dressed up as him so it probably wasn't all that weird for him. - Dan

What was your best moment together while filming?

One day on set during a rare break, I got to get very nerdy with Al and ask him about the palindromes in "Bob" and it was a total privelidge to chat with someone I've been a fan of for years. - Dan


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