WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story press junket interviews - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story press junket interviews

Press junket interviews for WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story with Daniel and Evan Rachel Wood via Zoom. Recorded on 8th October 2022. There's also Newsweek where he talks about his path to stardom and he wouldn't recommend it to young actors or his (if and when they exist) kids. Popsugar asks: What's the weirdest thing Daniel has done? and When was your "villain era"? plus What was the wildest transformation of your career? Also THR: De-Mentor joke and KTLA 5 Morning News. And Looper. Daniel and Evan also recorded a video for Roku, explaining how you can stream the biopic. Also a topic again: Wolverine with (full video here). And a video from Yahoo Entertainment. ITN (via Yahoo) and Good Day DC.

True or Bologna?

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