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First look at WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story

An exclusive first look at WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story. Daniel transforms into “Weird Al” Yankovic for The Roku Channel.

The first official photo has been released by Roku. A statement from Daniel:
"Wearing the Hawaiian shirt is a huge responsibility that I don't take lightly and I'm honored to finally share with the world the absolutely 100 percent unassailably true story of Weird Al's depraved and scandalous life."

Al himself also shared the photo on Twitter adding the following:
"SHOOT DAY #8: It never fails - we’re trying to shoot a movie here, and this cosplayer weirdo tries to crash our set. Ugh! I mean, I love my fans, but… boundaries, people! Don’t worry, we had security throw him out."

Photo: Twitter/The Roku Channel

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