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Mental Floss magazine's Shelfies

You can tell a lot about a person by the things they've got sitting on their shelves. Shelfies is Mental Floss magazine's way of letting some of our very favorite people share a little piece of themselves with their readers. Today: Daniel Radcliffe.

It’s no secret that Daniel Radcliffe is Mental Floss’s kind of guy: As he told us in a 2014 interview, he's a fan of obscure slang terms, enjoys putting together difficult trivia quizzes for his friends, and loves wandering through bookstores … which leads to him buying way more books than he can read. (Relatable!) So we obviously couldn’t wait to see what kind of delightful knick-knacks the actor—who is currently appearing in an Oregon-Trail-themed season of Simon Rich’s Miracle Workers—has on his shelves. Read on to find out which board game gets special placement, and the pandemic hobby that’s occupying a ton of Radcliffe’s shelf space.
1) A framed Broadway tie.
2) An epic dog portrait
3) A Scrabble board
4) Nano: The spectacular science of the very (very) small (Nano is out 14th September)
5) Yoda LEGO figure

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Photo: Mental Floss/Daniel Radcliffe

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