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Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe! (32!)

It's Friday 23rd July 2021 and that means that Daniel turned 32 today.

Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe!

I hope he has an awesome day, even though he is probably busy filming.

Daniel, keep on being yourself, keep doing the things you do, it makes us happy through these crazy, weird coronavirus pandemic times :)

To celebrate I decided to post an 'old photoshoot photo' which was originally shared on his official Google+ back in 2014 which doesn't excist anymore. I don't believe I shared it here on the website back then. Here it is (taken in 2013):

Throughout the day I'll be retweeting tweets (I expect a lot of mentions again) and share interesting posts on Facebook. Feel free to also wish him a Happy Birthday via Daniel J Radcliffe Holland's Twitter, Facebook or simply add a comment below :).

Via social media: (I will update this throughout the day as well):
- Demelza House thanks him for his support
- Hot Ones hopes that he recovered well from the episode (watch it here).
- Tom Felton shared a photo (2012, LA premiere of The Woman in Black)

Escape from Pretoria
on Twitter:
Photo: Tyler Udall

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